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Together, we will work as a team, giving 100% of our energy. Throughout your workouts be as open as you can; tell me how you feel and ask whatever questions you may have. This is your personal training program and it can only work if you are actively involved. Your commitment will help you reach the goals we set together.

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Several years ago, before fitness became a big business, the pursuit of health was not confusing. Now with everyone swearing by their special programs, it is no longer straight-forward. One person tells you about a great new diet, while another quotes the latest fitness fad. Still others drag you to a health club with access to new technology that promises immediate, and sometimes unrealistic results.Unfortunately, these programs often place you into their standardized plan with minimal attention to your unique needs and desires. Their solutions might even work for a limited time; until you get bored, dissatisfied or injured. Personalized fitness training gives you an alternative to this mass-market approach to fitness. I will provide you with a physiologically and scientifically sound program that is specifically designed to adhere to your needs; not just as they are now, but as they continually develop.Your program will be a comprehensive lifestyle plan, and will include instruction in resistance training, flexibility, nutrition, and cardiovascular conditioning. You will learn proper technique and the reasons why each exercise is important. Rather than a flurry of mindless activity that gets you little more than sweaty and exhausted, I will build a program that provides the maximum return for the goals you set for yourself.

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Our blood carries nutrients and vitamins to our muscles so they can heal and rebuild. Stretching helps flush the body of toxins and lactic acid that creates trigger points(little knots) that bind the muscle fibers together, preventing your muscles from functioning at their maximum potential. So if you don’t have sufficient flexibility in your back, hips and glute, you might resort to poor form, thus compensating elsewhere for that inadequacy, which can lead to injury. Within my stretch program I incorporate core exercises, because a strong core will help maintain intra-abdominal pressure during bent over moves and squats, which will protect your spine. Core exercises contribute to everything from posture to performance.

Start strengthening your lower back and core while working on flexibility. Do the following core & strength routine: Planks, 3 sets,1 minute; swimmer, 3 sets,1 minute; spine low-back stretch, 3 sets, 1 minute. I recommend doing these exercises 2-3 times per week after a body part workout.  For more information, I am your man.
Stay fit for life! Nate

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Also a motivational speaker, Nate will have your groups, churches, schools, clubs, and/or your place of business feeling pumped with excitement to turn their lives around and stretch towards a healthier and fit lifestyle. An extreme passion for what he does, it gives him the ability to motivate and convince individuals to get up and get moving towards a healthier future, and thus, longer and energized life.






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It’s one thing to just enjoy life, but it’s another to enjoy it while being mentally and physically healthy and fit!



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